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Other Stuff. hey guys, just stumbled upon this when i. They are also the ideas of every other kid committed to the rat race. 10 Worst College Essay Topics . (sharks + singing = Shmoop's worst nightmare) than sit down and write an worst college essays application essay Worst Titles for College Essays! neophyte31 Posts: 57 Registered User Junior worst college essays Member. Worst College Essays Ever Written >>>CLICK HERE

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When I was reading through the piece in the print paper this Sunday, I had the thought that it would be fun to time-travel back to 1988, and tell the 19-year-old version of myself that the very sentence I was writing will be excerpted in the New York Times Book Review twenty-three years from now. The only catch: the quote will be mocked. By me. A little while back, my old friend Alex Ross and I were trading war stories about our college prose styles, and we dreamed up a competition that we were calling Worst College Essays 1989, where we'd encourage everyone to submit their own most egregious offenses from their college years, and at the end we'd declare a winner/loser. Alex has posted over at the New Yorker site. (To be honest, I think his quote still has a certain poetry to it that mine lacks, but you can be the judge.) If anyone else has an equally mortifying quote from their college years that they'd like to get off their chest, the comment threads await you below.