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Volumes have been written about what makes a good college essay, so if you’re interested in a thorough treatment of the topic take a look at your local bookstore and that seems insightful, appealing and sensible (and make sure the writer has had some admission experience). ACAP counselors do not offer essay review or editing, but are happy to provide general tips and pointers on how to approach them, and some insight as to how various choices such as topic and voice are likely to come across.

What makes a good college essay, you ask?

No. Just no. SAT prompts are horrible, first of all. But even if you give the common app prompts as timed, proctored essays, and have them graded as they are now, not by length and use of fancy words, it would be awful. A person's first impulse on what makes a good college essay does not make a good college essay. The essay isn't a test of writing style, it is, as many say, a window to the personality. A way to see beyond test scores, not another test score. Proof of maturity, that someone can be introspective and really know themselves.

In your opinion, what makes a good college essay

Given that most schools require an admission essay of some kind, how do you know what makes a good college essay and what doesn’t?