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On a recent trip to Spain I was surprised to find that nearly all the beaches were topless. The women seemed perfectly comfortable being in public almost nude, but more surprising was the fact that no one stopped and stared or took the event to be shocking or indecent. Had a similar scene taken place on a California beach it would have soon become at least a point of interest and curiosity. These people did not neglect to wear their tops due to any severe climate change from America to Spain that makes tops unbearable. Their is no biological or anatomical difference that causes this varying custom. It is simply the way they were brought up.

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Gamma Beta – UMKC’s chapter of Sigma Phi Omega, a national gerontology honor society – and OWL members selected three top essays and nine honorable mentions. The group judged the essays for originality and creativity, clarity of ideas and content related to meaningful relationships with older adults.

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My top essays are listed in more or less chronological order—but also somewhat in rank order, only because an essay like “Never Thirteen,” a source for me of such delight and admiration, is so recent that no one else, to my knowledge, has ratified its greatness. So I am ahead of the curve—or just quirky. And seeing someone expose his peculiar taste is a good reason to read his list.