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I agree with chase. Don't write the tok essay under the tok essay word count ib. Obviously they will consider it as incomplete essay. So try to write more words in your essay. I don’t know your essay topic, so I can’t suggest you tips related to your topic. Use the 5 W's (what, why, when, who, where) to expand your essay topic. You will get idea from your essay paragraphs itself, read previous paragraphs two or three times then expand your essay.

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The minimum tok essay word count ib is 1200. You can write upto 1600 words essay for tok. You need 200 more words for your essay. If your essay word count is under the word limit then they will consider your essay as incomplete. They specified the word limit so you should follow the rules. Try to enlarge any points and reach the word limit to 1200. Read your essay two three times then you will get idea to expand some ideas in your essay.

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I am an IB student and I am writing the tok essay. My essay is around 1000 words and I don’t have idea to go further. So I think to stop the essay with 1000 words. Is it okay? I need to know the minimum tok essay word count ib. Do you j=have any idea about the tok word count please let me know. It would be a great help for me. Much appreciated your any help. Thanks in advance.