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What the authors totally omit, however, is any guidance for writing academic papers. Plagiarism, for instance, is a subject not addressed at all. Even a brief discussion of it could have been incorporated within the unit on supporting ideas. Though not all the types of essays presented might require students to go beyond personal experience, some do. In fact, in "Step 6: Developing Supporting Details" of the "Eight Steps in Writing an Essay" listed in Unit 4, the authors begin their sample introductory paragraph with an external reference: "According to a recent survey, approximately forty-one percent of Americans fear speaking in public" (p. 88). Providing such a model opening sentence suggests that students in the class have to do some secondary reading--and need to acknowledge that. Moreover, in the example the authors give of the point-by-point method in the unit on compare-contrast essays, they prompt students to compare-contrast "Life in New York City in 1900 and 2000." Such a focus would require students to research the topic, but again no guidance is given about how to incorporate and give credit to others' opinions. The aim of this book--to help students write coherently structured paragraphs in order to produce an essay--should have encompassed ethical writing issues. The authors should have said something about the difference between quoting and paraphrasing--and the plagiarism that could result if that difference is unclear in student writers' minds.

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The goal of this unit is to guide students through the steps in writing an essay about a particular place. The emphasis is upon various kinds of research: reviewing the historical record, doing research in scientific literature, interviewing people, and directly experiencing the site.

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Have you been looking for the answer to the question how to write an essay introduction? You can stop your search now because we will talk about it today. How to write an essay introduction is not a simple question to answer. It demands sufficient information so you can write an essay efficiently. We will start explaining you the steps in writing an essay introduction by first defining the purpose of the paragraph.