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Crime is a matter of concern the world over. An increase in the crime rate indicates a breakdown of social norms that hold good for that society. Through time immemorial, people have followed rules. They understand that robbery, murder, and rape are crimes not to be committed. The strong binding nature of these norms helps people evade these crimes. There is an element of compassion in the way sociology looks at crime. It believes that people do not commit it intentionally. Localities that breed poverty, illiteracy, and show a distinct lack of family structure are likely to show more signs of criminal activity. The deprived have for long resented their destiny. It is bound to show up in different forms and crime is just one avenue for people to bring out their frustration. A sociological perspective essay can establish that free will, though prescribed, is not always part of modern society.

Sociological Perspective Essay- Inequality from the 1970’s to the present (Y1)

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Sociological Perspective Essay- Inequality from the 1970’s to the present (Y1)

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