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Marlowe Studies: An Annual is designed to contain cutting-edge scholarly essays on the man who was born the same year as Shakespeare but died at the age of 29, just as he was reaching his prime. The first issue, for example, features essays on Marlowe's most popular play, Doctor Faustus (the tragedy about the professor who sells his soul to the devil), on subjects such as the Reformation and the political dimensions of later publications of the text in seventeenth-century England; an extensive bibliography of works devoted to Marlowe published between 2000 and 2009; an analysis of Marlowe's use of prose in his plays; two important essays devoted to the burgeoning field of theatre history and Marlowe's plays; and a work of important scholarship that constitutes a significant bibliographical discovery, the date of the publication of a Marlowe play that had been hitherto unknown, since the title page of the text has no date. The scholar is an expert on paper, and how it was manufactured in sixteenth-century England. "This kind of thing is very exciting to scholars, like correctly attributing a painting to Michelangelo, or discovering that a fossil is much older than you thought it was," said Stapleton.

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SALT LAKE CITY — LDS leaders continued their recent effort to address challenging contemporary questions about Mormon practice and doctrine by publishing two new scholarly essays Friday that address the roles and authority of women in the church.

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Select this link for lectures produced through the Botkin Lecture Series begining with the 2004 season. Webcasts and scholarly essays from the event flyers are put online as they are prepared for presentation. Links to online presentations of lectures produced by the American Folklife Center that are not part of the Botkin Lecture Series are also available from this page.