SAT Essay Scoring - How SAT Essays Are Scored

Have you seen reports of Perelman’s fun with the SAT essay, e.g. ? I seem also to recall reading something claiming that most of the variation in SAT essay scores could be attributed to length differences alone. I disagree with the general claim that the only thing the SAT tests is being good at taking the SAT, but really, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the essay score.

How is the SAT essay scored? And how does the process differ from how your teachers grade essays?

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SAT essays are scored in a holistic manner by qualified educators

SAT Essay scores?

The SAT Scoring Guide expresses the criteria readers use to evaluate and score the student essays. The guide is structured on a six-point scale. Since the SAT essay is scored holistically, readers are trained to use the SAT Scoring Guide in conjunction with anchor papers, which have been scored by consensus as representative examples. The language of the Scoring Guide provides a consistent and coherent framework for differentiating between score points, without defining specific traits or types of essays that define each score point.