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Your essay will be hand-graded by a member of the Kaplan Essay Grading team. Our professional team grades hundreds of essays and has received training in the same rubrics that the official ACT and SAT essay graders use.

• SAT essay grading rubric based on the College Board’s grading scale (1-pg. PDF)

Do you guys know any free (or fairly cheep) online SAT essay grading system? Please give me DIRECT LINK to the page... Also, if you guys know any good SAT essay prep book, please let me know.

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Online Sat Essay Grading - .xyz

Anne Ruggles Gere was quoted in a recent article on the popular website Slate about inherent flaws in how SAT essays are graded. She said she has had contact with several SAT .essay-graders. “What they tell me is that they go through a very regimented scoring process, and the goal of that process is to produce so many units of work in a very short period of time. So if they take more than about three minutes to read and score these essays, they are eliminated from the job of scoring.”