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If you refer to a good sample argumentative essay, you will see that the tone used is quite confident and persuasive. This is because the objective of this type of an essay is to emphasize on the fact that your stance is right. In order to accomplish that, you will have to be confident about what you are saying. Unless you strongly believe in your stance, you would not be able to justify it effectively. And, in order to gain such a level of confidence as is necessary to prepare a good argument essay paper, you must possess an in-depth knowledge of your essay topic. To be precise, a very good knowledge of the topic and good persuasive writing skills are what you need to prepare a good argument essay. You must be able to write persuasively without imposing the authority which you don’t have.

Refer to good sample argumentative essays

Below you will find a collection of sample argumentative essays. The essays we link to are not all good examples of argumentative texts. However, your students might find it rewarding to analyze and discuss these essays in class. What is it that makes one essay better than the other? How can the essays be strengthened? The students could use a rubric assessment form to enhance their learning on writing argumentative texts.

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sample argumentative essays

Transitions hold the foundation of an essay together. Using transitions in an essay promotes a smooth flow beginning from the introduction up to the conclusion .Transitions are also used to show the reader the finish and the start point. They wrap up an idea and lead the readers to the next paragraph. A student is able to understand better the use of transitions by getting a sample of argumentative essay.