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“It’s high time you start running for your life. Evil is upon you. Escape danger while you still have the time.” These are some statements you may hear alarmists proclaiming in the world today. Are they true? These are many running essays.

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In 2008, the Research Den, in partnership with the Co-op Bookshop, the UNSW Bookshop and the NSW Writers’ Centre, toured Australia on an Interactive Book Tour, running essay writing workshops in universities and high schools. Here’s what we found out:

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Bowdenta Running Essay I am going faster than I ever thought I could have three years ago

In his book , Alec Soth is the only photographer of the four to introduce text with his narrative, which I find to be a humorous running essay that accompanies each progressive photograph in this delightful story. The constructed storyline is about serial experiences, how one event can be tangentially related to another and that due to circumstances many times beyond our control, we can find ourselves in a full circle haunted by our past experiences. Soth's photographs are created as well as culled from previous projects, such as , to create this amusing and personal narrative. Although Soth's photobook has the lighter narrative of the four, it is by no means the lesser of the four and equally profound and rich in context.