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Thank you for taking the time to review my essay and related links. I appreciated you sharing your viewpoint that "...that there is no inherent probability in nature - the coin is always in the cup. Probability arises from an exquisite order underlying the Universe."

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Some people say that cars are best way to use in cities where others think that bicycles are better Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Some individuals believe that cars are the most effective option to travel around cities while others think bicycles are the best choice. However, both these views have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Nowadays, Cities are full with traffic jams. Sometimes passengers have to wait hours on the roads without capability of moving single inch front. In such situations, bicycle is the best option. Bicycle can drive through the space between two vehicles without a problem. Also, this form of transportation is highly environment friendly with zero emission to the atmosphere and no cost for fuel. In addition, bicycle is a simple, easy and less costly to maintain. Moreover, driving a bicycle provides physical exercise which is a vital fact to a healthier life. But, it has a structure which open majority of driver’s body to the road. Thus, minor accident on the road might cause severe damage to bicycle driver. As a whole, bicycle provides less safety measurements for passengers.
However, Cars consist of well sophisticated protection features and provide a safe journey to travellers. Also, comfortable options such as air condition, adjustable seats and more space to sit provide comfortable travelling experience. Moreover, higher number of people able to travel at once in less time to long destinations. Extreme climate conditions such as high sun shine, heavy showers and lightning have less impact to people who travel by car. Cars have more spaces to load medium-size equipment. Therefore, it’s convenient to carry over personal belongings.
In conclusion, although, both of these travelling options provide different sort of advantages for travelling around cities, But according to my point of view, Cars are the most desirable way to travel in cities. (280 words)