An outline for a narrative essay, as we have seen above, is different from ordinary outlines. An ordinary outline usually consists of a system of main idea and supporting evidence. But an outline for a narrative essay will usually list the main points in the incidents' development. In the above outline for "The Stamp Incident", the points are the events each of which follows the former in a time sequence.

Narrative Essay The following outline is typical for developing a narrative essay

Another type of outline for narrative essay is to list the time, place, characters, circumstance, and conflict of the story. For example, an outline for Sample Essay 4 ("A Narrow Escape") can be like this:


outline for narrative essay

A narrative paper outline should contain a summary of all the points that you wish to elaborate in the essay. Writing an outline for a narrative essay starts with an introduction. The introduction must show what kind of narrative essay you want to write, whether is based on personal experience or a recurring event or any observation. It should also contain a conclusion which drives home the point. The introduction should be followed by the body of the essay. Make sure to include anecdotes ion the body. It should contain facts, figures and if possible quotes as long as there aren’t too many of them and you don’t have to worry much about grammar.