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19. OPTIONAL: Tell students that the next step will be to use this information to prepare an outline for a persuasive essay, persuasive speech, etc., which will be covered in a separate lesson.

that will walk you through the steps of writing an excellent outline for a persuasive essay

Their assignment was to collaborate on preparing an outline for a persuasive essay, arguing one side of the topic. They needed to formulate a hook, a clear thesis statement, and 3-4 topic sentences for the body of the essay, one of which needed to use an analogy as a line of argument.

Outline for a persuasive essay on texting while driving

This is an example of an outline for a Persuasive Essay. Use this example outline as a guideline when writing a persuasive essay outline.

The thing is that a persuasive paper outline will help you to plot out how you're going to write your paper. Basically, an outline is nothing but a series of short points describing the overall direction of your paper. In other words, an outline for a persuasive essay will serve you as a map – it gives you and your essay a right direction. If you have created a good outline, you'll be able to maintain a smooth flow of information in the final draft of your persuasive essay.