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Writing a nursing admissions essay isn't for the purpose of showing that you can put up a debate. The instructors are the ones that are going to teach you and they will not be grading you on your medical knowledge. It is merely to separate your work from other students, talk about why you are the best fit for the program and why you will be a great representation at their institution. You don't need to use fluff content or intellectual wording - all that matters is that you can tell them why you are most deserving of the program and why you will use the education to make a positive change within the medical industry.

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Getting accepted into nursing school is very difficult due to the high level of talented competitors that you will have to face. Many of the other applicants will have similar or even better qualifications than you have so how do you make yourself stand out and gain that place? The answer lies with your nursing admission essay, this is the only part of your application that allows you to sing your own praises and sell yourself as the perfect applicant for their school.

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