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The cover page is affected by the MLA formatting style. In an MLA format essays, you need to include a cover page that is already integrated in the first part of the . You can simply write your name, class details and date at the upper left hand corner of the first page. Then you can write your title in the middle before the first sentence. With regards to pagination, this is rally easily done. Simply write your last name at the upper right hand corner of each page. Then write the corresponding page number as it is.

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MLA is a writing style that is common in many colleges and universities all across the world. There are different kinds of MLA format papers: essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and thesis papers. It is important to know the difference between all these papers so as to be able to write the best academic paper that will earn you the grade that you want. MLA format essays are short papers that normally talk about a general subject. MLA format research papers are those that require certain degree of research. The main findings in this research are used to write the body of the paper. MLA format term papers are the academic papers that are written as an account of what students have learnt in a term. Dissertations are those papers that are written by graduate students in support of their candidature for a certain degree, diploma or certificate. MLA format dissertations do not differ very much with MLA format thesis papers which are also common in graduate schools.