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My Life Symbols

There are many symbols that represent many things like store symbols, brand symbols, and other symbols that represent other stuff. My name is Pedro Gonzalez and I have chosen five symbols that have important meaning in my life.
I have chosen fire as my first symbol to represent my past. Fire is a red hot light that doesn’t last long to lit a room and fades away leaving black ashes flowing around. The past is like fire, the more you start forgetting about your past the more the fire is fading away.
For my second symbol I have chosen a light bulb to represent the future. I chose a light bulb because the future is like light and it’s bright, and it can only get brighter from here. There are new things being invented and there are many smart individuals out there and they can make the future a better place for the new generation of kids.
My third symbol I chose a horse. I chose a horse because it represents my birthday on July. My birth means a lot to me because it was the day when my mom gave me life. On a chinese calendar the horse is on there to represent the month of July so that’s why chose it.
For my forth symbol I have chosen a panda. A panda represents me because pandas are quiet, calm, and they stay out of trouble I feel like those things relate to me. I don’t like fighting or get myself involved in anything. I’m mostly in the back, not saying anything, just quiet.
For my fifth symbol I have chosen figures of people holding a heart. To me that represents my family. I love my family because they support me and they are always there for me. My family is really fun to be with, we sometimes have our arguments, but at the end we are happy.
In conclusion, I have chosen five symbols and explained each one of them in a paragraph. I have written The Mandala Essay for my English 1 class and I had fun explaining and writing about my five symbols that have important meanings in my life.


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Mandala Essay Examples Short Essay on the Nelson Mandela

Bell Seth
October 9, 2013
Period 3
Mandala Essay
My name is Seth Bell, I am 14 years old. I am a freshman at Desert Hot Springs High School I am going tell you about five symbols that represent my life. These five symbols are a Native Headdress, Dream Catcher, Family Tree, Tomahawks, and Adidas. These symbols represent my past, future, family, personality, and something I enjoy. The symbols and what they represent are listed in the exact order.

The native headdress to me represents my past because our past is about natives being over ran by the invaders of there land. They were put on reservations in the state of Oklahoma. After that they started to get portions of land like in Palm Springs, Morongo, Las Vegas, etc.

My next symbol is Dream Catcher. The reason my I chose this symbol is because that is what I want to get as a tattoo and I want my grandmas name inside the Dream Catcher. It is also important to me because I want it to be my first tattoo.

My third symbol is a family tree it represents the size of my family. I have a really big family. I have family on the east coast, west coast, and Central America. My family in Oregon has their own gun shop and their own property. None of my family really gets along.

My fourth symbol is my adidas symbol. I picked this symbol because I like this shoe brand and the shoe brand lasts forever. I’ve had these shoes for 5 years. I’ve had the same shoe size for 5 years.

My fifth and final symbol is tomahawks because they express how I am native. They are also good to me in games. When I was little I used to play with tomahawks. This is my final symbol because this reminds me of my past.