Your Score on the LONG ESSAY breaks down as follows:

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The marking criteria for assessment of Themes and Sources Long Essays are available .

Students who wish to register for the examination by Long Essay scheme will do so by selecting the "E" option for that exam when registering for their exams on CamSIS (e.g. FR5E, IT4E, etc.).

MML IB - Assessment by Long Essay

Please click  [PDF] to download the Doctoral Authenticity Form for Long Essay/Dissertation/Thesis

Students who opt for the Long Essay assessment scheme are expected to attend lectures and supervisions for the paper in the same manner as if they were preparing for the written examination. The only difference is that the final supervision of the Michaelmas and Lent terms is devoted to discussion of a plan (maximum: 1,000 words) of the long essay which the student then writes up over the vacation. Students do not receive supervisions for the paper in Easter Term if they have submitted both of the long essays. Supervisors may choose to supervise long essay candidates alongside exam candidates or to see them separately, at their discretion. Supervisors shall not read or comment on any written drafts of the candidate's long essay, nor shall they offer advice subsequently, either by email or in person.