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A literary response essay may be assigned after reading a particular novel, story, or poem in your English course. It is your chance to show your understanding of the literary text and share your point of view in a form of a response. Your position should be supported by analysis of main characters, themes, and language.

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A literary response essay requires you to read and analyze a specific literary work in order to respond to the essay prompt and then respond based on your literal and implied interpretation of the text. A literary response essay may be something that you will face if you take a state assessment test (SAT).

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Many students understand the content that is needed in literary writing types such as response essays. However, when it comes to formatting the document, they make mistakes that cost them lots of marks. If you have been given a literary response essay as your assignment and you are wondering how to organize your work in a manner that will earn you a good grade, here is a step by step guide that will be very useful.