"Benjamin Banneker (informal essay)"

When starting to write an informal essay you will need to decide on your informal essay topics. After this it is a question of designing the story and theme. It should flow from a start point and end at a logical destination. Owing to the free flow structure of informal essays, you can adopt the use of time inversion techniques. Using this method, you may commence the story at the middle of the event and subsequently progress to recollection of the start of the event, ultimately leading to the end of the event. This technique grabs the reader's attention early by presenting the most important part of the story first. You can then move back to the beginning and build the suspense of the story.

There are many different examples of informal essays. Among them are:

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There are several traits of an informal essay, which distinguish it from typical academic essays that people usually have to write. You should take into account the following issues: