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So when picking an idea, and search for original ideas for your argumentative essay topic, you want something that is new, something that hasn’t been debated for decades. For those who want a topic that relates to the field of crime and law there are many broad topics from which you can develop an appropriate thesis for your assignment:

topic ideas for argumentative essay

Your school website may have a writing center that offers topic ideas. Some schools will have links to essays written by previous students. They may serve as sample ideas for argumentative essay content. You can compare findings by reviewing ideas of more than one school. Other schools may provide a list of topics for you based on what your assignment expectations are. Students with writing blogs of their own may share topic ideas you can review. Connect with colleagues to get more insight on where to find good topics online.

ideas for an argumentative essay topics

ideas for argumentative essays

A few months ideas for argumentative essay France and Italy asked to make immigration one of the top issues in a meeting of EU interior ministers on Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in an interview with Europe 1 radio on Sunday.