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The private one is just that. It is not humor, but it is an essay, and since the rules don't TECHNICALLY say they have to be humor essays, I'm going to count it. As with some of the introductory ones, if I can finish all 15 as humor essays, I'll drop this one from counting. But it's an essay and I spent several hours on it today, so I'm going to count it, even if no one outside of immediate family will ever see it.

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Obviously, your chances are better with the publications listed below that actively solicit personal essays and run a lot of them. magazine, for example, only runs one humor essay a month and pays $1000. The New York Times essay, , is a highly prized, competitive placement. So, the odds are more in your favor with , which publishes five essays a week, or with essay anthologies, such as , both well-regarded. Once you’ve established a track record and have clips, you’ll have an even better shot at having your essays run in publications that pay $1-2 per word.

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As a matter of fact, humorous essays are synonyms to funny essay. The key goal here is to impress readers and make them laugh or at least smile. It should be noted that any essay type (except for scientific research) can be funny. Of course, personal essays as a rule contain jokes and funny description of different situations, facts and experience. Even admission essay can be funny. This will help you make admission committee appreciate your sense of humor, knowledge and the ability to express own thoughts.