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Ms. Sarah Read, my high school world history teacher, taught me about the Lusitania and how to write a better essay. The most important lesson that she taught me, however, had nothing to do with the world of the past. As my advisor and homeroom teacher, Ms. Read took an interest in my life and provided an outlet for both my academic and personal concerns. When I return to visit her, the first question I usually hear from my favorite teacher is, "So Ali, do you still have too much on your plate? How's that working for you?" Ms. Read taught me that a good teacher has a strong influence inside and outside of the classroom. Professor Leslie Felbain, a faculty member in the Maryland theatre department, encourages me in my performance studies and takes an interest in my growth as an individual. I know that I am always welcome in her office to discuss anything. She has taught me what it really means to use performance in my life, whether in a professional or educational capacity.

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If you need more help learning about how to write a better essay, I recommend reading this post about how one teacher used , and check out this cool . And of course, don’t forget the final step for writing a good essay: editing! Have your , a peer, or a parent.

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