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If you wake up early in the morning and find a pumpkin near your bed, look inside of it – maybe the ghost of Halloween brought a free Halloween essay specially for you!

Of course, it is just a joke! You can easily prepare a good Halloween essay yourself, since this the holiday even grown-ups enjoy.
Still, this is an academic assignment, and there are rules to be followed. Thus, before actually writing your Halloween essays, do certain preparations to be ready for this task. You may use an to get to know what level your Halloween essay should be written on. Ask your teacher about all requirements he/she has.

You may reproduce your own ideas on this holiday in the Halloween essays. How do you prefer to celebrate it? What is your favorite fancy dress? How many sweets did you gather last holiday? Do you like this holiday and why?

If you pick out such style of writing, you will create a splendid paper. Your feelings, emotions, and dreams will be presented in such Halloween essay and you will never be accused of plagiarism.

The other way of writing a Halloween essay is to investigate the origins of the holiday and write about its history in your Halloween essay. Besides, you may carry out a little investigation and find out whether Halloween is celebrated all over the world? Maybe, the traditions of celebrating this holiday vary in different countries. Present the results of such investigation in your Halloween essay. Thus, it will be really involving to read as well as captivating to write.

Writing a Halloween essay is not writing. Such assignment as a Halloween essay gives you a chance to develop your ideas the way you want. If you want to be funny, you are welcome! If you want to be serious, this is your choice.

Anyways, try to be creative!

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Before beginning your Halloween essay, spend time familiarizing yourself with the holiday. Halloween is said to be a festival of death and it started off as a day to celebrate the life of a loved one but over the course of time, media and society turned it into the opposite, and as a result people started wearing scary costumes to ward off the evil spirits that are trying to return home.