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A good cause and effect essay establishes clear causation. What lead to an effect has to be shown as the cause. For instance, it is not establishing causation if you correlate a person’s love of cats with asthma. Asthma is not caused by cat dander. Cat dander can elicit an asthma attack in someone who has hyperactive reactive airways (asthma). You have to choose your topic wisely, so that you are not stuck in a rut of establishing causation or effects between weakly linked or unrelated events.

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The gist of it is that to write a good cause and effect essay you need two things: your own understanding of the cause and effect relation; the ability to write in a simple and understandable manner.

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So, in order to get a better understanding how you can write a good cause and effect essay, read out these ten steps as mentioned above.

How to Do a Cause and Effect Essay?
Many students ask this question, because they realize that it will be difficult for them to write a cause and effect essay themselves. Nevertheless, it is possible. We will help you understand how to write a good cause and effect essay. First of all we will provide you with cause and effect writing tips.

In cause and effect essay the author demonstrates the ability to organize and discuss the principal idea providing a sufficient amount of arguments to prove his/her viewpoint. It is quite easy to choose good cause and effect essay topics as almost every event brings some positive and negative results. You can write about global warming and its influence on the Earth’s flora and fauna, classroom cheating and the students’ lack of knowledge, life and health assurance and its affordability and usefulness. There is a wide range of cause and effect essay ideas: you may have multiple causes that bring one effect or one cause that produces numerous effects or a mix up of different causes and corresponding effects. To have no difficulties in writing a cause and effect essay and to make it easy for the readers to comprehend, it is essentially important to organize your thoughts properly and present them in the introduction (invokes the reader’s interest), main body (describes the cause and effect correlation) and conclusion (gives summary of what you have written above).