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All in all it can be said that the effects of globalization are enormous. The of economic processes has changed completely. It is important to think in bigger terms, not just about the country. The positive things that this globalization process have brought us for the negative sides. The should be a world in balance, but this has yet to come.

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People around the globe are more connected to each other than ever before. Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is more frequent. International communication and interdependence are commonplace. This phenomenon has been titled "globalization." There is no definitive definition of globalization. The term or "buzzword" globalization is simply used to describe the political, economic and cultural atmosphere of today. Supporters of globalization believe that globalization is essential to our existence in today's modern world. That it influences cooperation and partnership amongst nations whilst promoting international peace and security. Bridges the gap between the rich and poor regions of the world by engaging in free trade and by making the world smaller through today's technology it allows us to become a community united by the same goals and aims. Opponents of globalization take a different view; they believe that there is nothing "global" about globalization. That it simply exists to make the rich- particularly in the west, richer, that it exploits the poorer regions of the world, it is a threat to national sovereignty with the big businesses dictating policy to smaller national governments. They see globalization as a threat to world stability, employment and the environment. It is because of these counter arguments that the question on whether globalization is a good or bad thing continues to dominate this issue today. To answer simply Globalization is neither good nor bad but a process of transformation, which can either benefit or affect us.

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