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We have titled this book the Experience of Hinduism essays on religion in Maharashtra. The title is intended to indicate that the book is not a technical treatise on Hinduism but an attempt to convey what is means in human terms to be a Hindu in one particular area today. The limitation of our subject to one area we feel essential. For while Hinduism in one area shares many features with Hinduism in other parts on India the experience of each one is shaped by its own ecological setting history and traditions.

Essay on Religion and Peace: The Truth in all Religions

Only a few religions have dominated people's ideals and actions. ... In religion there are four subdivisions which control the way an individual views other religions. ... me extent by any other religion. ... In Huntington's analysis of religion he separates civilization into eight groupings of different religions. ... Tyler and Frazer held a progressivist notion upon religion. ...

Short Essay on Religion in Our Daily Life

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is a collection of essays on the role of interpretive reasoning in the formation and expression of religious beliefs. An influential form of discourse attempts to deny legitimacy to religious beliefs on the grounds that they cannot be justified using the formal experimental methods of the sciences. will argue that this notion rests on a profound misunderstanding of reason as it functions both in the sciences and the humanities. is intended for a general audience dissatisfied with Atheist or Christian fundamentalisms and seeking more nuance and insight on religion. It is not written with specialists in philosophy in mind. Accordingly, it avoids jargon as much as possible and pauses where necessary to explain fundamental issues and concepts that more specialized readers might take for granted. While not in any sense a textbook, should prove useful to university students taking Philosophy or Religious Studies.