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Any relationship between two or more different people inevitably has problems. Moreover, Hart was unable to understand the fully role of external pressures on distorting friendships. It is too slippery to people like Hart to squeeze his life out of it. The relationship is hard to understand. Hart, Mitsy, Jamie, and Alice have to learn how to maintain this to make sure that their relationship will be endure. In the end of ‘The Divine Wind’ sometime of their life, they had learned more about friendship. Friendship is more than love. Friendship is more that forgiveness. Friendship is more than anything is because friendship is a slippery notion.

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This fine collection of essays on friendship in classical antiquity emerged from a conference celebrating the sixty-fifth birthday of Géza Alföldi, held on 10-11 June 2000 at the Seminar für Alte Geschichte in Heidelberg. Of course, I have a personal interest in the subject, as the editor, Michael Peachin, notes in the introduction to the volume: "D. Konstan has recently argued against the majority opinion and has tried to inject more (modern-style?) emotion into ancient . Various articles presented below, on the other hand, point us back to a heavily formalized, even legalized, bond between friends" (7). Peachin adds, however, that "it is difficult to imagine a world utterly devoid of what we would call truly friendly relationships," and reasonably supposes that there were, among the Greeks and Romans, both bonds such as "we would readily recognize as proper friendships" and also ties that, although they are labelled or , would not seem "particularly friendly" to us (10).