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You will be surprised to find out that students fail papers just because they do not follow these simple essay writing strategies.

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Look for my next article on the on helping students learn how to scrimmage. Focusing on the essay writing strategies at the paragraph level, including structure, style, unity, and evidence will further help students prepare for the “big game.”

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We all wish we could be professional writers. When it comes to writing a collegiate level paper there would be nothing better. The ease of the process, and knowing what makes an effective paper would be the prime benefits, however we all can't be a professional at writing. For those people who wish to hone in on their writing skills and become better at the process, here a fews academic essay writing strategies used by professionals. Let it first be stated, there are no general rules concerning how one should go about writing an essay. There are however a few strategies that can provide useful. These strategies can be divided based on characteristics starting with the watercolorist.