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The academic characters in the show, who all double as the monsters our endearingly nerdy and bespectacled hero must overcome, are not representative of American academia but rather sly nods at the mountain of criticism and commentary of Beowulf that has arisen over the years. And writer Jason Craig is clearly familiar with this- the climactic battle/conversation between Beowulf and the academic/dragon, in which he screams "Art is violence! Violence is art!" at her, is straight out of the classic J.R.R. Tolkein's essay on Beowulf which started the academic Beowulf avalanche in 1920 or so.

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"Beowulf" is the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, which takes place in Scandinavia before the relocation of England in Britain. It was named for the main character. The text of the 3182 lines of alliterative verse was created at the beginning of the VIII century and is preserved in a single list of the XI century, which almost disappeared during the fire of the library by Robert Cotton in 1731. It is the oldest epic poem of "barbarian" (German) in Europe, which is preserved in its entirety. One of the compulsory assignments at the university is to write essays on Beowulf, especially for students who are studying art and literature. On our site you can find ready-made essay topics for Beowulf, as well as to place an order for writing your Beowulf epic hero essay and we guarantee its uniqueness.

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