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Discipline essay can take many forms but it must follow the standard academic structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduction is one or two paragraphs in which you outline the whole essay, state your main idea, and include a thesis statement. Body of your discipline essay should be divided into subsections each covering one aspect of the topic. Body is the place to provide supporting information. The conclusion of your essay should summarize the paper. It is important to pay sufficient attention to transition phrases, sentences and even paragraphs. Transition phrases help you make your essay flow smoothly from one idea to another. You may find the following discipline essay sample useful for your own writing. In addition, you may look through or posted in our blog by talented writers for free! If you are looking for assistance of the personal tutor, you should try our professional essay writing services. Our writers will not disappoint you because we write essays from scratch and do not plagiarize.

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Home discipline essay. We will break the class into groups according to discipline. Discusswhat holds a discipline together (subject matter, methodology, shared assumptions, theories,concepts, ideas), who do practitioners of that discipline do or study, and what topics or issuesrelated to race, class and gender in Latin America might one study using that discipline. Write upa handout on how your discipline views these issues and present it to the class. See below for alist of suggested epistemological questions to consider in this essay.

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Race/class/gender essay 200
Home discipline essay (Sept 12) 100
Identity self-awareness study (Sept 12) 100
Review essays (5 x 100 points) 500
Participation 100