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I know there are classic essays on computing, and it occurred to me that the same might be true of electrical engineering and engineering in general. Classic books would be equally valid.

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An academic essay can get the appreciation as a classical essay based on its presentation. Classic essays are clear set of ideas elaborated coherently. Classical essays have a linear order of idea presentation. Classic essays are bounded by supporting arguments. A classical argument essay is thus interesting and structured to provoke the reader’s logic sense. There is no set formula for a good classical essay but there is sufficient knowledge sharing on the topic. For example, a classical music essay might be an in-depth review of a certain type of musical form present over generations. Classic essays on photography might be more technological in its content.

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The origins of the Koran : classic essays on Islam’s holy book /edited by Ibn Warraq. p. cm.

In sum, this excellent collection of essaysorganized by Ruth El Saffar will make accessible to students in humanitiescourses a wide variety of critical studies in English on Cervantes's works,and it will also serve Cervantine scholars as a handy source for many classicessays.