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The first section of Lessons in Likeness is a chronological essay that puts Kentucky portraiture in the context of social and artistic trends. The second section profiles the best and most influential artists who worked in Kentucky. They included famous names such as Matthew Jouett and John James Audubon (who drew people as well as birds) and many artists who have been almost forgotten.

Chronological essays are typically used to write about an event or person from history

IT would be easy enough to describe ''Vaughan Williams: A Symphonic Portrait'' as simply a chronological essay on the career and major works of one of the more outstanding English composers of this century. But, more to the point, this hourlong portrait was produced and directed - for British television's ''South Bank Show'' in 1984 -by Ken Russell, the maverick film director who, in fact, did some of his best work in his earlier years for television (''Song of Summer,'' ''Isadora''). Although ''Vaughan Williams,'' which will be shown on Channel 13's ''Creative Edge'' series Sunday at 10 P.M., is a relatively straightforward and fact-filled biography, Mr. Russell is still not about to settle for being commonplace.

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Structuring your essay as a narrative (by telling a story) is a common and effective method for keeping the reader’s interest. This is the structure your essay will take if you have decided to focus on a single event in your life. A narrative essay can itself be structured in many ways. The example of the chronological essay about time management is a type of narrative. But in its purest form, the narrative essay does nothing but tell the story. It begins and ends with the action.