2012 Chinese Essay Contest Results 第四届作文比赛揭晓

A good Chinese essay generally makes a bad English essay. The reasonis that what makes a "good" essay (word choice, sentence structure, coherentparagraphs, overall structure, thesis, and so forth) have different criteriain the Chinese and English languages. As a result, the qualities that wouldmake a Chinese essay literate, beautiful, and well done are not the samequalities that would make an English essay equally literate, beautifuland well done. This works both ways. An essay that is rhetorically welldone in English is often a poor essay in Chinese. Put most simply, theaesthetic and literary criteria are different. This is particularly truein the case of classical Chinese ("classical" in the sense of a style,not an era of writing).

Sentence-Initial Discourse Markers in Chinese Essays.

Watching a short Chinese essay being read via online video might be an efficient way for you to learn how to pronounce and read in Chinese. Unfortunately, these kinds of videos are very hard to find.

Comparison of Moves Between English and Chinese Model Essays.

The culture of the Chinese people is probably the most influential Asian culture today. In the Hollywood entertainment scene, the Chinese seems to be the most represented Asian. Aside from their visibility in the entertainment industry, their influence can also be seen on food, fashion, music and literature. Indeed, the world’s familiarity on the Chinese culture is high such that writing a Chinese culture essay can be very interesting. The initial challenge that a writer takes before he starts writing is choosing the correct essay topic. Since the interest of many people on this culture is undeniable, says that when topics are concerned – the possibilities are endless.