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Joe PrestonEnglish 10 period 1Antigone EssayMrs. Bleeke18 November 1999Antigone Essay Antigone is an admirable character in some aspects through out the play. Her pride basically serves as a building block to her being admirable. Certain examples through out the play prove this to be true ,but in some instances the end result is negative.A big example of this was her willingness to bury her brother accepting any consequences. To Antigone the Gods are more important than any subject ,an...

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Antigone Essay essaysPeople of power such as kings are often forced to chose between family and law

The Antigone Essay Through "Antigone", the play, Sophocles lets it be known that family is more important than authority. ... Antigone felt awful that Creon was doing such a wrong thing. ... Antigone took a moral stand and buried Polyneices. ... Antigone was Haemon's true love. Haemon committed suicide once he lost Antigone. ...