Animal Experimentation Persuasive Essay

By the way, preparing an argumentative essay on animal experimentation is not the only writing option. If you are interested in the topic, manage to find a lot of good information, you can touch upon different aspects of the problem.

Here are some pointers for your essay on animal experimentation.

Benefits of animal testing

Whether someone likes it or not, tests on animals are sometimes vital for humans. Tell about all the drugs that save people’s lives in your essay on animal experimentation. Tell about the higher speed of researches because of shorter lives that animals live.

Disadvantages of animal experimentation

Sure, if you want to present a neutral position in your animal experimentation essay, you also need to touch upon the negative sides of tests on animals such as wrong test results (experiments may harm animals and appear to be useless for humans).


Take a look at the legal side of the problem and discuss in your essay on animal experimentation some laws used in this field: Animal Welfare Act, Public Health Service Act, etc.

Our articles about and might help you come up with more ideas for essays on animal experimentation.

So, good luck!

Some Unusual Topics For Your Animal Experimentation Essay

We have good news for you! Writing essays on animal experimentation is not difficult indeed. At least, it is easier than you think. Even if you are stuck right now with your animal experimentation essay and have no clue where to begin, your problem can be solved easily.

All you need are several prompts that our professional writers have already prepared. So, here are our keys to writing successful essays on animal experimentation.

Decide on your position

Animal experimentation is a controversial issue, which means there are, at least, two different positions on the problem. What you should do first is decide whether you are for or against animal testing. It will be the central idea of your animal experimentation essay and position that you will defend.

By the way, out tips for writing might be useful if you have problems with this kind of papers.

Find necessary arguments

No matter what position you are going to present in your animal experimentation essay, you need arguments to back it up. If you are for animal testing, you can say something like “It helps to discover new drugs that help to cure some diseases”. If you are against, use arguments like “Drugs that are effective for animals turn out to be completely useless for humans and can even do more harm”.

By the way, to make your essay on animal experimentation sound more convincing, you should know the arguments of both sides.

Find statistics

Statistics is an effective way to make any essay strong and persuasive, and animal experimentation essays are not an exception. For instance, did you know that nearly 100 million animals die every year because of various tests? So, find other statistics for your essay on animal experimentation.

Some of you might have to write next time, and our writers already have pieces of advice for you.

Animal Experimentation Essay Topics

Animal Experimentation essay

Animal experimentation is one of the most widely discussed contradictive issues. It is modern, as the solution has not been found yet and people are trying to find a compromise. Write an animal experimentation essay to research on this topic and learn more!