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Getting readers to read through an essay is an art. Most have very short attention spans when it comes to reading written content. A 5 paragraph essay format would normally be a short essay which is effectively drafted using the minimum number of words. Some may argue it is too formal and outdated to be used any more, but readers are used to reading content in this format. Students have to ensure that the content is relevant and interesting. Think of the essay as a verbal communication with a live audience. If people smile, it must have been something funny. If they frown, the essay probably was heading in the wrong direction. It is necessary to anticipate what the vast majority of readers would think of the essay and then make corrections accordingly.

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The advantage of a 5 paragraph essay format is that it teaches you to plan, organize and outline your topic into a logical order and present your ideas systematically. This format helps develop the art of and comes in handy when writing entrance essays and scholarship essays.

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Are you tasked to develop a 5 paragraph essay for tomorrow? Consider yourself lucky as it’s the easiest type of academic writing there only can be. Traditionally, a 5 paragraph essay format is also known as a classic composition. Unsurprisingly, judging from its name, the work consists of five paragraphs and usually fits on a standard A4 sheet.