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13 January 2016: In class today, students completed skill work on Attack at Sea from the assigned reading in SCOPE. Homework due on 1/19 is to do the 4 paragraph essay on the Lusitania and returned it with signed entry form. Make sure you use correct size and font. You will need a Jazzy title and NO MLA heading as you have an entry form. Please center your title. You have a hand-out on how to set up works to be typed correctly. DUE on 1/20 is the YOU WRITE IT letter format and signed entry form. This must be in correct letter form, three paragraph minimum. Greeting should be as follows: Dear Councilman or Dear Mayor of Sarasota County,( this is generic, you do not have to have a specific name. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines and use the Infographic details to support your Explanatory letter.

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Some people will tell you that writing a four paragraph essay is the easiest type of essay to write. And they are correct when it comes to the actual number of words you will produce. Generally speaking a 4 paragraph essay will not be very long.